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AAAD is a short form for the Android Auto App Downloader. This app is to help you download any Android app to your automobile. You can listen to music, watch videos, and even browse the internet while you drive.

aaad apk download

This is quite a milestone of the fast improving technology again because those days the car screens are not effectively functioning. But now, with AAAD APK, you can simply turn your auto screen to your mobile phone itself. You will be amazed to find out how smoothly it works. With AAAD APK you will not feel alone or bored in your rides. 

AAAD Download

AAAD APK 1.4.4

AAAD APK Features

AAAD APK has many exclusive features that you have never seen before. These have brought it among the most downloaded apps in the world. 

  • The app has an extremely simple user interface that nobody needs early practice on.
  • It lets you download other apps through it and operate them smoothly just like you would do on your mobile phone.
  • AAAD APK allows you to use Car Stream which can also be called automobile YouTube.
  • You can use Fermata Auto that allows you to operate the phone applications including video streaming, gallery, music, web browsing, etc.
  • AA Mirror is another option which turns your automobile screen to your mobile screen to be used the same way.
  • AAAD APK is free to download and use.
  • The app blocks all ads and allows you to concentrate on driving without disturbance.
  • You are allowed to check the app compatibility information and other details before downloading it through AAAD APK.

How to Install AAAD APK

To install AAAD APK, your mobile should have the Android Auto app. If you do not have this app yet on your mobile, you will have to install it.

This can be simply downloaded from the Google Play Store. Just search for “Android Auto App” and install it to your device. You can set up a developer through the developer options that you can find in the main menu of the app, if you wish to. Or you can also use it the way it is. 

Once you have installed it, you need to download the AAAD APK to your mobile as well. Follow the below steps to get this APK file:

  1. Open your web browser and type “AAAD APK” and search. 
  2. Find the official webpage of the app and then the “Download APK” button. Tap on it and download the AAAD APK file.
  3. This file can be found if you check your Downloads folder. Tap on the setup file and click on “Install”.
  4. You will be asked for some permissions from your device, which you will have to allow from your device settings.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete. Now you can open the AAAD APP and download new apps through it.
  6. You have to connect your mobile to the automobile with a USB cable to operate the new apps from the car screen.

Safety and Legality of AAAD APK

AAAD APK is known to be safe by many nations across the globe. This is because though it acts as an intermediate party between you and the other third party apps, it protects your devices. You will be able to check all the details that you want to know about a specific app before deciding to download it. This will ensure that harmful apps or risky apps will not be allowed on your device through the AAAD APK.

So we can say that the AAAD APK is safe to its users, since their personal info is well protected by the app. In addition, the devices in which the AAAD APK is used on are also safe from malware attacks and unwanted files too.

AAAD APK is also a legal app because of its Privacy Policy that you will have to agree on before using it. Also, it is already spread throughout the world without any banning or restrictions. So the app is legalized as well.

Pros and Cons of AAAD APK


  • AAAD APK allows you to download more than 10 auto apps through it. 
  • It has a very easy user interface that anyone can quickly understand.
  • You can use the app while you drive and operate it smoothly.
  • AAAD APK blocks advertisements that will otherwise interrupt the functions.
  • AA Mirror helps you access all the options on your mobile.
  • AAAD APK is cost free.
  • You can check the information about each app before you download them to your device.
  • The apps that you access through AAAD are smoothly working, unlike the normal car screen which is often getting stuck.


  • There is a paid version of the, a Premium version which contains more options.
  • You can download only 1 app per month from the free AAAD APK.
  • No customer service in the app.
  • You will have to uninstall and reinstall the app if you face any problem.
  • When reinstalling, you have to install the apps that you downloaded through it again each time.


Q: How to use the AAAD APK?

A: When you have both Android Auto App and AAAD APK installed on your mobile, you can download other third party apps through it. Thereafter, connect the mobile to the car and start using those apps.

Q: Is AAAD APK free?

A: Yes, it is. AAAD APK has a free version but a paid version too. The free version contains all the benefits but limits your downloads to only one per month. The Premium version however, allows you to download unlimited apps per month or at any time. 

Q: Is AAAD APK safe?

A: Yes, it is. AAAD APK is a very trusted app. It will bring no harm to you or the devices. So you can use it with any second thoughts.


AAAD APK is a wonderful app that can bring you all the pleasure of a journey. Your tiresome and busy lives can be eased with the use of it. Imagine being able to use the mobile phone on a bigger screen easily while you drive. You literally are completely connected while on the move. This amazing app is something that every traveler should have with them. 

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