AAAD APK 1.4.4 Download | Apps Downloader [8.31MB]

AAAD APK means Android Auto App Downloader and is used to ensure that you can install the Android apps to your automobile. AAAD APK can be easily downloaded and then be used to install the other apps. It can make any app work function properly on your car screen just like on your mobile.

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AAAD APK has already spread across the world and is well-known for the exciting features it hosts. Though you cannot have the perfect connection with your mobile while driving, you can get everything to your car as well with this simple app. It has many advantages and is safer to contain in any of your devices as well.

AAAD APK Download

Latest version1.4.4
APK size8.31MB
DeveloperGabriele Rizzo

The app has simple buttons that are clearly visible even while you concentrate on the road. It can list the other apps that your car has installed already. AAAD APK is cost free to download and use and is compatible with almost all the vehicle types that support Android.

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AAAD APK Features

Car Stream

Car Stream is a feature in AAAD APK which enables you to watch YouTube on the car screen. This will be a wonderful experience while you drive. Even your companions can enjoy the journey with the different videos that you can change as per your wish. The specialty in this option is that it is the same YouTube that you use to continuously watch with your phone that you are accessing here. So the other options will remain the same and familiar way to you. You can easily operate even through the touch screen or even with a remote, if you have one for the screen. This icon is visible once you open the AAAD APK on your auto screen.

Fermata Auto

Fermata Auto is another app that you will be able to access through the AAAD APK. This app is capable of more functions including video streaming. It can give access to the web browsers, your phone content, do shopping and many more. This multi-functioning option is present as another icon on the AAAD APK home screen. It can let you operate the camera as well. It will be wiser to let the other passengers handle Fermata, rather than the driver himself. This is because it could be really distracting you from the road. But while your car is stationed somewhere, this is the perfect way of entertainment you could get within the vehicle.

AA Mirror

AA Mirror is a game changing feature in AAAD APK. It converts your auto screen completely to your mobile screen. You can connect the phone and turn on the AA Mirror to fully view the phone display on it. The touch points and the functioning of each option works perfectly. This is the end of the limited car screen era that you were dealing with so far. Now you can handle the car screen just like you do it with your mobile. You can even text people, visit social media, take calls, browse the internet and do many other things.

Easy user interface

AAAD APK has a simple and easy user interface. This has been purposefully arranged that way in order for you to operate it while driving. The main marks and buttons are highlighted with blue and you can find your most used apps on top. The other options also remain stable and the screen scroll down is very limited. The app tries to hold the content in the same page as much as possible. The connecting methods between the auto and the external devices such as your phone or speakers are also simple and similar to the normal methods. So any non-practiced person can easily handle it.


AAAD APK does not allow any advertisements to interrupt your work on the auto screen. Though it brings you all the benefits for free, the catch of ads, like in other apps, is not present here. You will be amazed to see how smoothly it works. The operations are short and quick and work without any disturbances.


AAAD APK is a free app that you can download with just a few taps on your auto screen. You only should make sure that the auto is connected to your mobile. However, there is a paid version of the app as well. The free version of the app allows you to use the app up to its maximum. But you can download only one app per month through the free version of AAAD APK. However, if you get the Premium version, you are allowed to download an unlimited number of apps as much as it pleases you. This is the only difference between the free and the paid versions. If you intend to use the app for normal purposes, you can definitely be satisfied with the free version.

Check App Info

When you are downloading another app through AAAD APK, sometimes you may come across apps that do not fit your car. To check this, simply tap and hold on the app before installing it. This will show you the app info and its compatibility with the vehicles. Then you can decide whether to get it to your auto or not. This way, you can save your auto from being loaded with unwanted useless applications that promote themselves with ads.

How to Install AAAD APK?

Downloading and Installing Android Auto App:

Open the Google Play Store of your mobile and search for “Android Auto App”. Once you see the app icon, download it by tapping on the download button right next to it.
Now go to your home screen, find the new Android Auto app and launch it. You should be able to find the main menu to your top left corner. Click on it and enable the developer option if you wish to.
Next reach the 3-dot icon to your top right corner. Select the Developer Settings and open the “Unknown Sources Box”. You can select an application mode from here along with a developer as you wish.

Downloading and Installing AAAD APK:

Now open the web browser of your mobile and search the internet with the keywords “AAAD APK”. Visit the official website of the app; and get the APK file to your device by clicking on “Download”.
Find your setup file in the Downloads folder on your device and tap on it to start the installation. You will be asked for a few permissions from the app. Please make sure that you grant them for the app to function properly.

The minimum requirements of the AAAD APK are as follows:

  • Version : 1.4.4
  • Size : 9 MB
  • Developer : AAAD
  • System Requirements : Android 9.0 or above

If your device meets these requirements, then you can immediately connect the mobile to the car via a USB cable to enjoy the endless auto-fun.

How to use the AAAD APK?

  1. You can install other apps to the car through the AAAD APK. To get this wonderful option, follow the below steps:
  2. First make sure that you have the AAAD APK downloaded and installed to your device completely.
  3. Secondly, allow all the permission requested by the app for proper functioning.
  4. You can search and install apps from the AAAD APK. So search an app with the keywords you know, select the correct app and click on “Install”. This way you can install an app to the AAAD APK.
  5. Finally connect the mobile to your car with a USB cable and operate the app with the auto screen.
  6. When installing each app, make sure you check the compatibility of each of them with your devices. Otherwise those will not work properly and will start getting stuck while you work on them.
  7. This way, by having the AAAD APK, you can download any app to your automobile and use them safely and smoothly. You just need to connect the mobile to the car and access the downloaded apps from your phone.

Safety and Legality of AAAD APK

The app AAAD APK is a very safe app to use. It contains no harm to either you or your mobile information. Both of your devices will be safe with the use of this app. It has its own security techniques such as letting you check the condition of each app. Though the third party apps are allowed through AAAD APK, you will sometimes find that the risky apps cannot be installed from it.

On the other hand, your private data will also be safe with AAAD APK. This is because none of your personal details or any device information is lent to any third party without your knowledge about them. So the app can be guaranteed to be safe for both the user, the mobile you are using as well as the automobile you are connecting it to.

The legality of the app is also satisfied as there are millions of daily downloads via this app all around the world. Besides, there are no location restrictions or travel restrictions to this app. You can use it without a VPN anywhere you go in your car. From its Privacy Policy that you have to agree on at the first launch of AAAD APK, they ensure their legality as well as your safety at the same time.

Pros and Cons of AAAD APK


  • AAAD APK has a very simple and easy user interface that no one needs prior practice on.
  • You can download over 10 types of apps from AAAD APK.
  • The app information that you can check before downloading any app is also a safety measure used by the AAAD community.
  • You are allowed to operate the entire mobile phone with your car screen through the AA mirror.
  • The app is free and you can turn your car into a smart mobile with a few finger taps.
  • The problems you used to have when opening other normal apps from the car screen will no longer be a problem as the functioning is enhanced by AAAD APK.


  • You will have to uninstall and reinstall the app if you get stuck at some point.
  • The premium version is required to download more than 1 app per month.
  • In case you happened to uninstall AAAD APK, you will have to reinstall the apps installed through it for a second time.


Q: Can we make calls on AAAD APK?

A: Yes you can make calls and talk by connecting your mobile to the car. You will be able to see who is calling you, the call duration and to operate the call from the car screen. You may not be able to make video calls, if you do not have a front camera however.

Q: Do I need to root the AAAD APK to my mobile to access the car?

A: No, not at all. Just by downloading and installing the app, you can enjoy all of its benefits. All the compatible apps will work perfectly on your automobile without any problem. Rooting is not necessary at all.

Q: How often do I have to update my AAAD APK?

A: The latest update that the app has up to now was released on 6th January 2024. SO it is not too often, but about 3 times a year an update will be available for the app. Since you can get the app only from the web browsers, you will have to visit the same official page and check for updates and install them. If you do not update your app, it will start malfunctioning and you will notice a few signals such as slowing down, getting stuck, etc. By then, please get the update so that your smooth journey can be restarted.


AAAD APK is a real way to give a totally different vehicle experience that you have not got so far for sure. There are billions of downloads from all around the world for this crazy app. So if you still have not downloaded it to your mobile, hence, the car, please do not hesitate any longer.

The app is literally a solution for everything that you have been looking for on your long tiring journeys. You will not feel alone or bored on long trips for any longer. And since you stay connected to your phone, you will always stay connected from both the devices to loved ones. The passengers can even watch movies while you drive or vice versa. This can be considered as another step of the fast moving technology development of the world. Given all these benefits, AAAD APK can be highly recommended to be in every vehicle owners’ pockets.